Happy Anniversary Freshfields Animal Rescue!

Happy Anniversary Freshfields Animal Rescue!


It may have been raining but there were warm smiles atFreshfields Animal Rescue Centre, as the charity celebrated its 40thanniversary on Tuesday 22nd January 2019.

The charity has been providing a rescue, rehabilitation andrehoming centre for abused, abandoned and unwanted animals since 1979. Theafternoon tea was attended by the Mayor of Sefton Cllr Dave Robinson, who said:

“Today is about recognising the very special part that Freshfieldsplays in the life of our local community. Over the past 40 years, the localcommunity has come to depend on Freshfields as a vital resource, to which theycan bring animals in desperate need, and know that they will be treated withcompassion, dedication and excellent medical care”.

The Mayor unveiled a plaque revealing the number of animalsthat Freshfields have cared for in the last 40 years. We’re thrilled toannounce that since 1979 we’ve helped: 89,734 animals!

Helen Stanbury,Director of Freshfields, said:

“Any charity like Freshfields can only carry out its vitalwork thanks to the people that come together in support of it. Those people support us in an endless varietyof ways and they come to us from so many different walks of life. Donors,sponsors, volunteers, adopters, staff; there are just too many absolutely vitalroles to list them all. Today is a chance to say thank you to you all.”

Local Artist Jay Wheeler adopted his dog Fudge fromFreshfields 2 years ago, and spoke movingly about how she has transformed hislife. Jay said:

“I was diagnosed with PTSD and depression since leaving thearmy after serving for 15 years in Iraq and Afghanistan. When I came back mylife took a downward spiral. My art therapy helped me a lot, but I still feltlike I didn’t have a main purpose in life. Then I saw Fudge, and just knew thatI had to adopt her. We saved each other, and I can’t imagine my life withouther now!”

2019 is going to be an exciting year for Jay and Fudge asthey will be acting as Community Ambassadors for Freshfields, raising awarenessof the healing power of animals and the love that Fudge and Freshfields havebrought into his life.


'Are you reaching your 40th birthday this year, or know someone who is? We'd love to hear from you! Why not do something special for the animals to celebrate,by taking part in our Sponsored Abseil Challenge or anything else you can thinkof? Please check out our Facebook page Freshfields Animal Rescue or contact ourFundraising Manager Emma Jensen at emma@freshfields.org.uk


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